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Choosing the Right Makeup Foundation

There are actually two main options that you can consider when choosing for the Dermacol makeup cover. The first to consider is the texture of the makeup and the second of which is the finish of the makeup right after it is applied over the skin.

All of the makeup does have three kind of finishes. The dewy, satin, and the matte finishes. The dewy leaves some slight sheen into the face. The satiny finishes can give a natural kind of look while the matte gives flatter and dry option. Those oily skin can benefit from the satin or the matte makeup. The combination or the dry skin can look good in the dewy finish or satin.

In terms of the textures, this is more of ease in the application and also in coverage. The coverage can actually be light, medium, or in full coverage. Let us try to look at the options that is available.

In liquid makeup, matching the color to that of the skin is the major key factor. There are a lot of store that do have testers, and the department stores can usually give mall sample that ca be taken at home and most of these store does allow return if ever the color will turn out wrong. Try to test the color in the daylight, and also in fluorescent light as well as incandescent light. Shop online for your make up needs here.

The liquid makeup foundation do vary in the amount you will apply or cover the face. But this will usually be indicated in the bottle if the coverage will be medium, light, or full. You can actually personalize the liquids foundation further by simply choosing the oil-free base or the water-base, or you can simply choose a moisturizing base.

Actually, creativity in the excellent word here. Try to mix and then match. You can also choose the one that is non-oily to use in your t-zone and the same color or same brand but in the moisturizing version, to be used for the rest of the face. Most of the liquid makeup foundation can be easy to apply using the fingertips but those oil-free liquids need to be applied with the use of the foundation application brush or you can use the damp foam wedge.

Lastly, in choosing the right makeup foundation, it is important really to consider the skin tone you have. This is the basic and the very important consideration one has to look at. The color of the makeup will easily blend to the skin tone if you have the right combination. Click here to learn more:

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